The people who create their own ‘countries’

Scotland will next month decide in a referendum whether it wants to go it alone as an independent country and split away from the United Kingdom. But for some, it doesn’t take a vote… Continue reading

Rotorua: Let Off Steam

Seriously Down Under

“When I see the earth, my palms get itchy,” says Trevor Berry. The Adelaide native first came to the largely subterranean town of Coober Pedy in South Australia’s mineral-rich outback on a school… Continue reading

The Race That Stops A Nation

Melbourne is a city best known internationally as an edgier alternative to show-stopping Sydney. It’s the capital of cool — a bogan-free enclave of graffiti-lined laneways, creamy coffee and artistically attuned citizens. It’s Australia’s… Continue reading

Australia’s Curious Obsession With DIY Nations

George Cruickshank is not your average emperor. His royal residence lacks electricity or running water, his kingdom has more kangaroos than humans, and though he enjoys leaderly luxuries like an afternoon champagne, he… Continue reading

What Happens When Work Is No Longer A Place?

It was exactly six months ago when Merav Knafo packed the contents of her life into a storage garage in Encinitas, Calif., and hopped a flight to Bali. She doesn’t know when she’ll… Continue reading

The Bones That Forever Changed Australia’s History

This is a story about bones. About what can and can’t be explained by them, and the tales we choose for them to tell. It spans more than 50,000 years, but it begins… Continue reading

Your Perfect Weekend In Brisbane, Australia

Here’s what you’ve heard about Brisbane, Australia (if indeed you’ve heard anything at all): It’s a small country town hiding under a big city facade. It’s Sydney and Melbourne’s forgotten sister. Or, it’s… Continue reading

From Attack Survivor To Shark Advocate: The Curious Case Of Rodney Fox

There’s a moment in everyone’s life when suddenly, with unflinching clarity, you realize that nothing will ever be the same again. For 73-year-old Rodney Fox, that epiphany came with a thud on Dec.… Continue reading

Ferris Wheels Of Fortune

Who knew amusement parks were such a deadly serious business? There is a fun-filled arms race raging around the world as wily speculators try to build the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, and rake… Continue reading

What Happened To The Hippie Trail?

Ken Klein left Philadelphia in 1973 with the $800 he’d saved from his  bar mitzvah. He wanted to see the world but ran out of money in Istanbul and went back to the… Continue reading

The $43M Plan To Put Indigenous Faces At An Australian Icon

It’s the second of three rainy days in the Australian Outback as I sit in front of Anangu elder Rene Kulitja, learning about her dot-painting technique through an interpreter. Such a torrent is… Continue reading

Adrift Between Cultures In Tropical Dominica

“Nobody in the community likes me. I know it. I knew it the day I set foot on this island. I’m okay with it.” Sharon was very adamant about her outsider status. She seemed… Continue reading

The Best Travel Destinations For 2013

Once known for its electronics, auto manufacturing and steel industry, South Korea has a new, quirkier export to offer the world: K-Pop. Horse-hopping PSY and other Seoul sensations put the Korean capital on… Continue reading

The Polarities Of Power And Preservation In Patagonia

Rio Baker is the largest river in Chile and, for now, it’s undammed from source to sea. Its milky turquoise waters carry glacial sediments through a virgin land from an Andean lake along… Continue reading