Meet Don Parrish, the world’s most traveled man

A little over a decade ago, Don Parrish of suburban Chicago looked at a world map and declared, “I want to see everything.” The Downers Grove resident had just retired from a lucrative career with Bell Labs and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to travel. He started with the pretty places — the kind you or I might visit — before moving on to the ones he knew had problems, like Somalia and Iraq. Within a decade, Parrish had visited all 193 U.N. member states. But his wanderlust didn’t end there. By some accounts, Parrish is now the world’s most traveled person…. (read more at the Chicago Tribune).

One thought on “Meet Don Parrish, the world’s most traveled man

  1. Its really inspiring to know about travelers. Whenever I read about them I am awestruck. It seems unrealistic because there are so many responsibilities etc and then too some people are able to accomplish it. Its simply hats off to them.

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