The Humble Barber Who Saved Route 66

Angel Delgadillo can still visualize the glory days of his youth, when he’d use the headlights of cars traveling along Route 66 to make shadow puppets on the modest storefronts of his small Arizona town. He also remembers the darker days — just after a leg of nearby Interstate 40 opened to the public — when the headlights moved off to the horizon. “The town of Seligman died at 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, 1978,” he recalls. “We were the first small community in Arizona to get bypassed by I-40, and it took us years to figure out why the traveling public quit on us.” Route 66’s storied life, slow death and ceremonious revival are the three events etched deepest into the timeline of this 90-year-old barber. To appreciate his story, you need first to understand the road that forever changed it … (continue reading at the Chicago Tribune)


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