Inside one of the world’s newest (and wettest!) national parks – CNN

If the Everglades and the Serengeti had a child together, it might look a bit like the Iberá Wetlands of northeastern Argentina. Some 1.8 million years ago, the Paraná River — South America’s second-longest after the Amazon — carved a rambling path through Argentina’s Corrientes Province before shifting to its modern location farther west, scientists believe. The massive freshwater basin that remained became the world’s second-largest wetland (after the Pantanal in neighboring Brazil), harboring some 4,000 species of flora and fauna — almost 30% of Argentina’s total. Despite these superlatives, unsung Iberá lay in relative obscurity until December 2018, when it became not only one of the newest national parks in the Americas, but also the largest protected area in Argentina… (continue reading at CNN).

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