The art and science of leasing a lifestyle

Scroll through rapper 50 Cent’s Instagram feed and you’ll find a preponderance of photos where he basks in unimaginable riches. There’s the shot where the rapper, real name Curtis James Jackson III, can’t seem to find his legs because they’re buried under $100 bills. There’s another where he’s stocked his refrigerator with bundles of greenbacks. More confusing still is a snap where the rapper arranges his “lunch money” ($100 bills) to spell out the word “broke”. That last image is the most telling. Jackson filed for bankruptcy in July last year, claiming debts of between $10m and $50m, according to court documents. But when the 40-year-old was summoned to a Connecticut court in the US this February, the judge explained that she was having trouble reconciling the man in front of her with the man in those Instagram photos. The rapper’s creditors had tipped her off to the Instagram account, according to the New York Times. Jackson’s response was as simple as it was unexpected. The piles of notes, he explained, were “prop money” … (continue reading on the BBC)


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