More Than a Postcode

When you consider that Mongolia is a country roughly the same size as Western Europe but has just three million inhabitants – many of whom live vast distances apart – it begins to make sense why there has never been a proper address system. Even in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, where almost half of the population live, swaths of streets remain nameless. When you don’t have a precise address, everything from receiving post, opening a bank account, setting up electricity, applying for a passport or registering to vote all become a trail. That’s why the country’s postal service, Mongol Post, two years ago adopted a pioneering new system that gives everyone from the businesswoman in Ulaanbaatar to the herder living in a ger on the edge of the Gobi desert, a usable address. These new addresses aren’t comprised of numbers, PO boxes or codes. Rather, they’re made up of just three words … (continue reading in Open Skies, the in-flight magazine of Emirates Airline)


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