What’s driving the spike in ‘air rage’ – BBC

On the night before the Capitol uprising, fliers from Texas heading to the now-infamous Donald Trump rally in Washington DC were caught on video in a heated shouting match that flight attendants appeared unable to control. At the time, it seemed like an isolated incident tied to a politically charged event, but in the weeks and months that followed, similar videos of unbridled air rage began to flood the internet. There was the Southwest Airlines flight attendant who was punched in the face; the violent Delta Air Lines passenger subdued near the cockpit; the fed-up American Airlines flight attendant scolding passengers for making his flight “a living hell”. Replayed endlessly on social media, these viral videos have come to underscore a worrisome spike in air rage, which the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) says is at an all-time high… (continue reading at the BBC).


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